Wednesday, December 23, 2015









Prayer room drawing i practised for a drawing competition and won a prize also. Here is a pooja room I drew , very less pencil work done, all has been done oil pastels and scratcher. To make the floor, the the clouds and idols the ceiling everywhere scratching technique is used. Thanks

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dragon Art - How i drew this dragon drawing


Hello, I drew this dragon face using pointed black pen and did rendering using little water on it. Attempt to make is look more like 3d. Hope peopl watching this will like it. I love to draw these.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wolf Tatoo Art

Hello, As seen i drew this on 14nth November, celebrated as children's day here in India. This i did using diectly sketch pen and no use of pencil. Tattoo art is my choice of art but saw an animal so i could not stop myself from drawing this. Sorry didnt knew the spelling of tattoo he-he. Thanks you.

My favourite animal tiger sketch

Hello, This sketch I drew on 5, december, 2015, Tiger is my favourite animal and i just love to draw them. I drew this using a normal 2b pencil. Took reference from you tube and practiced it. Hope you all will like my sketch. That is my Mom's hand who clicked the picture. Thank You.

Sketch pen texture art - Helped me won a major art competition

Drew this on 22, November, 2014, My mother taught me this texture art using sketch pens. This I drew on the competition spot and won second prize. I learned this type of art for the first time and experienced how sketch pen can also create such beautiful effect and help me finally won. I enjoyed doing this a lot. Thanks you.

Sunset Drawing - Sunset drawing using oil pastels

Drew this on 15nth October, 2015, This is a sunset drawing that i did using oil pastels only and with no use of pencil at all. Black pastel color is used after the background was completly ready.  Seen this tutorial on you tube and i liked it a lot hence i drew this. Thaks you.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Dragon Art - How I drew this dragon drawing

On 3rd December, 2015 I drew this dragon drawing. This again is a tutorial i saw on you tube so i learned from there and tried to make one on my own. I used 8B steadler pencil for this sketch and also same pencil for shading. Thanks you.

How I drew this fish creature

Date - 2, November, 2015, I drew this fish creature because I found this very interesting creature with strange wings. I saw this Image on internet and tried to copy it. Hope everybody watching this will like my effort. I used  pointed black pen to draw and little water for shading. Thank you.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Crocodile Art - How I drew this realistic crocodile

I like to draw reptiles and crocodile tops the list. I drew this above drawing using a normal HB pencil with some shading effect using same pencil. .